The Head of Form is the girl in charge of the form. She can tell people to be quiet at night and is supposed to report people if they have done something wrong (but not telling tales).

A Good Head GirlEdit

Most people at Malory Towers believe that a good head girl should be strong, self confident and (not necesserily) forthright. She should be able to keep order and not show partiality in her decisions. A good Head Of Form must not allow her powers to go to her head and allow herself to become domineering. Most head girls are shown to be quite kind.

Notable Head GirlsEdit

Katherine - head girl in Form 1. She is described as a dark brown girl who is quiet in nature. Not much is known about her, but she was in the third form by the time Darrel was in the second.

Sally Hope - head Girl in Form 2 and temporarily in Form 4.

Moira Linton - head Girl in Form 5. She became Head Girl after being left down in the fifth form. She was domineering and not very popular though she got more admiration and liking after saving June from being expelled.

Darrell Rivers - Darrell is chosen to be head girl in Form 4 which is a position that gets removed temporarily and also she was a great success as head girl of Malory Towers in Sixth Form

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