Josephine Jones (aka Jo Jones) was a former girl who went to Malory Towers. During her time at the school, this girl is described as being selfish, manipulative and mean by the author, and due to her domineering personality, the whole of her form didn't really enjoy her presence at all.

When Jo arrived on the scene, she is the same age and is in the same class as Felicity Rivers (2nd form). As the most spoiled girl in the whole of her year, Jo’s main hobby was to boast about her expensive belongs, rich upbringings and precious belongings none of the others had any hope of having. Her behaviour naturally meant that nearly everyone, except a few first formers, hated her intensely for her cattiness. Jo isn‘t a good sport either ; her lack of integrity and sportsmanship has lead to a few problematic situations with the 2nd form and the head girl of the sixth, Darrell Rivers.

Later on, Jo escapes from the school with a small girl named Deirdre, a shy, timid girl in the first form. They are later caught by Bill (Wilhelmina) and Clarissa of the 6th form, who deals with the matter very seriously with Ms Grayling (head teacher), resulting in an immediate expulsion for Jo.

A few years later, Jo returns to school under the alibi ‘Alice’, and has made a keen effort to change her personality and attitude towards the rest of her form, who were 6th years already. She has taken a valuable opportunity to reflect on her behaviour just after being removed from Malory Towers by head teacher Ms Grayling, and now truly values the ways of the school.

Appearances :

As Jo Jones - Last Term at Malory Towers

As Alice - Secrets at Malory Towers

-Goodbye Malory Towers