Bonnie Meadows was one of the girls who adored Felicity Rivers, as Pamela Cox listed. They were neighbours and Felicity disliked her for the time being, because she kept tagging on to her like a lost dog and she hated that! Bonnie highly dissed Susan (Felicity's best friend) because she wanted Felicity all to herself. She was one of the new girls in the form when Felicity was in the third, Felicity did not like it one bit.

When Bonnie was in the third, she did a favour for Felicity because Bonnie thought she was just doing it for her, later Bonnie befriends Amy, Amy was a character like Gwen snobby and selfish but this is all about Bonnie so let’s not get into her at all. Bonnie was doing this because Felicity and her form wanted Veronica and Amy to dislike each other because they were the unpopular girls in the form and they barely had anything in common, except their ways of bragging all the time. Bonnie became close friends with Amy as they had so much in common they spoke about hair-do's clothes and much more!


Although, their was a dark side of Bonnie she acted very Sweet and Solemn in her ways and never took the blame she stuck up for Amy to be brave.

Bonnie was awfully good at sewing and made lots of beautiful dresses and gowns and even offered to make one for Amy, as long as she would fill in her French essay for Mamzelle.

It is unknown what Bonnie looked like but this may have been it in the photo in the right.

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