Sixth Form is the oldest year group at Malory Towers 

In the Sixth Form, there is a Head Girl and a Games Captain of the whole school.

When Darrell is in the Sixth Form, she is head girl and Sally is Games Captain.

Miss Oakes is the Sixth Form's Mistress.

She is nicknamed "Oakey" but has very little sense of humor and she never, never sees a joke. She always suspects it may be someone leading her up the garden path.

When Felicity was in the Sixth she was Head Girl Susan was Deputy and June Games Captain

In the sixth form there was a lot of trouble for Amanda Chartelow (A New Student) as she decided to break the rules and go swimming in the sea, June heroically saved her and they got served by Matron. Amanda then was very fond of June.

Darrell loved her time at Malory Towers, now she is a writer.

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